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Jake Archer and Brogan Reed

Another fresh week and time for another new Jason Sparks Live scene to be brought to you all. This one features the two hot and sexy studs named Jake Archer and Brogan Reed and it’s pretty much the best thing you’ll see this week. We did promise you something special and you can rest assured that this love making scene with the two guys here is quite the impressive thing to see. So let’s watch as Archer and Reed get to share some truly passionate moments with one another as they get to fuck hard style for you and the cameras and they end up putting on one of the best JasonSparksLive gay fuck fests just for two that you have seen around this place!


And that is saying something. Well anyway, you know that this site is the best place to drop by and check out when you want to watch some horny gay guys fucking hard and we hope that we delivered on that so far. Every single week there’s a brand new Jason Sparks Live show or scene with hot studs getting nasty and is there to impress you as well. But anyway, coming back to these two, yeah, they pretty much crushed all expectation and competition and they were amazing it at it. See them taking turns to fuck each other from behind in the ass today and as always, do remember to come back soon for more. And also check out the past scenes too, there’s gorgeous stuff going on there too!

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