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Kale Rivers and Jeremy Adams

Hey there again everyone, and welcome back to another new Jason Sparks Live scene here today. There’s another simply amazing and hot scene to check out and of course, it wouldn’t be a superb one if you didn’t get to see two more hot and sexy hunks having their naughty and nasty fun in bed with one another. The two guys are named Kale Rivers and Jeremy Adams and they are very adept at playing naughty with each other as they are long time fuck buddies. Either way, let’s get their JasonSparksLive scene going and let’s get to watch them have a grand ol’ time as they get to fuck nice and hard on the bed for the rest of this scene!

Well the Jason Sparks Live show begins with them making their entry to the bedroom and sure enough, both of them are superbly eager to get to do some really nice fucking sessions today. The first thing they do is end up throwing clothes off left and right and they wanted to get started already and they were having lots of fun with each other and the foreplay. Then as they get more and more settled in, you can see them getting wild and kinkier with the whole thing and sure enough you can eventually see them fucking one another nice and deep in the ass too. Let’s watch the two have their fun here today and we’ll be back soon with another new collection of hot stuff to reveal!


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